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Bodywise Pilates Ltd terms and conditions

By signing up to be a client at Bodywise Pilates, you agree to having your personal details stored on ‘Mindbody’ software. ‘Mindbody’ terms and conditions can be viewed here: HERE You also agree to us using ‘Mailchimp’ and ‘Gmail’ to email you, either in individual emails or as part of a ‘mailshot’. ‘Mailchimp’ privacy policy can be found here: HERE and ‘Gmail’ terms and conditions are here: HERE If you wish to be removed from our Mailchimp client list, you can unsubscribe at any point using the ‘unsubscribe’ button on any Mailchimp email from us or by contacting Bodywise Pilates.

All classes:
Please wear comfortable clothing, we have changing cubicles in our waiting room if you wish to get changed at Bodywise. For reasons of hygiene, the wearing of socks is compulsory. We can supply emergency £1 socks, we also sell Gripsox and Toesox (and other items such as small Pilates equipment), please ask in reception as we have many styles and colours. We recommend wearing non-slip socks of any type for your own safety. When using the free parking spaces provided by Bodywise Pilates Ltd for their clients, valid parking permits must be displayed in the front wind screen or the registration of the car must be entered into the register in the waiting room. Any fines incurred by not adhering to these guidelines cannot be reversed by Bodywise Pilates Ltd. Parking permits are free of charge to Bodywise Pilates clients and can be requested in reception.

Bodywise Pilates is a Teacher Trainer studio. By joining our classes you are agreeing that a teacher in training will join your class from time to time to observe your teacher and assist him/her during their work. This time in-class is invaluable to these trainees and we appreciate your help.  

Our 24 hour email reminders are a curtesy, do not rely on them to remind you of your booking!


Matwork classes:
Matwork classes are non transferable and non refundable Your monthly payment takes account of any bank or other holidays when Bodywise Pilates is closed and when there are no classes. Please let us know if you cannot attend one of your classes and we will allow one free catch-up class per calendar month if available. This free "catch-up" class needs to be taken in the same calendar month as the class you missed, either before or after the class you missed. If you have booked a catch-up class and you miss it, then you cannot get another catch-up class in that same calendar month. Even if you do not intend to use that facility, please let us know anyway if you cannot attend, as it will allow another client to catch up a class in your space that week. Please communicate with reception regarding any scheduling/cancellations and bookings and not with your teacher, they just teach: The only way to cancel or re-book a class is via reception, not via your teacher! Bodywise Pilates ltd reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. By agreeing to this contract, you agree to join for a minimum of 2 months (so 2 monthly payments) and that you will give us a minimum of 30 days notice if you wish to cancel this agreement. Any cancellation of contract needs to be done via email. Your monthly payment will be taken out of your account on the 15th of each month, so 2 weeks in advance of the month the payment is for. We do not allow refunds. Any ‘drop-in’ matwork class needs to be cancelled with 24 hours notice, otherwise full payment is due. If you are unclear about any aspect of this contract, please ask reception. By signing up for a monthly matwork contract with Bodywise Pilates, you agree to having your debit/credit card details stored on ‘Mindbody’ software.

Studio (equipment) classes:
If you are booked into a weekly class (and are therefore a 'permanent'* member of that class), then it is up to you to cancel the class on time if you cannot make it. This also applies to single bookings: We require 24 hours notice to cancel Tuesday to Saturday classes and 72 hours notice for Monday classes (because reception is closed over the weekend). If less than the required notice is given, the full amount is due. *'Permanent' means that you are part of (and have agreed to be part of) a weekly equipment (studio) class and you will be booked in on a weekly basis as it is 'your' space. If you cancel a class (verbally via reception or via email, our teachers do not do admin, they just teach!  ) the booking system will email you a confirmation of cancellation. If you have not received this confirmation, then there is no cancellation. In case of dispute, we need to see that email. Bodywise Pilates ltd reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. Payments are separate from class bookings i.e you can buy a block of 10 classes (in order to get a discount and not having to pay each time you come for a class) but getting you booked in to use those up will depend on availability. Please talk to reception for bookings. We do not usually allow refunds for classes already paid for.

Workshops must be paid for at the time of booking. We allow a refund of 100% if you cancel with 4 weeks or more, 50% refund with 2 weeks or more and 25% with 1 week or more before the start date of the workshop.


All therapists working out of Bodywise Pilates premises carry their own insurance and are freelance / independent

Shop Sales:
All of our products have a 1 year warranty, please return any faulty purchases and we will replace them if it is a manufacturing fault.

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