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Our Matwork classes are now continuous, i.e they run every week apart from a 2 week break over Christmas and Easter and a 4-week break in August. Once you are signed up for a weekly class, your space is secure and booked until you choose to leave (we need 1 month's notice and a minimum of 2 months in your class).

The monthly price varies between £32.30 and £45.90, depending on which day of the week your class is (Monday classes lose a few days each year because of bank holidays, so they are cheaper). Weekly classes are paid for by monthly credit/debit card payments.

Most matwork classes last for 75 minutes (some are 60 or 65 minutes). Exercises take place on a mat (or chair), and we sometimes use small equipment like bands, balls, foam rollers and the big Swiss balls (so much fun!). If you are a complete Beginner, we recommend starting with group matwork classes, unless you would prefer or require 1-1 classes. Please contact us so that we can advise you


If you cannot commit to a weekly class, we offer single (or block of 10) drop-in prices so that you can pick and choose (subject to availability of spaces).

Please see our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.



 Please contact us if you'd like to book a class - you can book a one-off class, a few classes, or a regular weekly / fortnightly / monthly class.

Group equipment classes are not normally recommended for complete Beginners - we recommend you join a group matwork class (unless you'd prefer 1-1s). Exercises are performed on various large machines (the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Stability Chair, and the Ladder Barrel). We also use many smaller pieces of equipment, as well as doing some Matwork exercises.


Prices below are  valid from 15th August 2024

Group equipment classes

1-1 equipment classes

£27.50 (max 4 people per teacher)

Block of 10 classes £250.00

£23.50 (junior teacher)

Block of 10 classes £214.00

1-1 equipment class with Senior Teacher £60.00
Block of 10 (12-month time limit)               £560.00


1-1 equipment class with Junior Teacher £54.00
Block of 10.                                                    £498.00

1-1 equipment class with Leila                   £65.00

Block of 10                                                     £610.00  

Group Matwork

Monthly matwork contract.      £32.30 - £45.90

Single drop-in class                   £11.60 - £16.50

Block of 10 drop-ins (75mins)   £148.50

Block of 10 drop-ins (65mins).  £142.00

Contracts / month :

Monday 75mins                          £42.70                  

Monday 65 mins (Senior)          £41.00

Monday 60 mins (Chair)            £38.10

Tuesday 75 mins                        £45.90

Tuesday 65 mins (Senior)         £44.00

Wednesday 75mins                  £45.90

Wednesday 65mins (Senior)   £44.00

Wednesday Chair.                     £40.90

Thursday 75mins                      £45.90

Thursday 65mins (Senior)       £44.00

Thursday 60mins (Chair)         £40.90

Friday 75mins                            £45.90 

Friday 65mins (Senior)             £44.00

Friday L4.                                    £42.70

Saturday 75mins                       £43.80

Qigong                                       £32.30       

2-1 equipment classes

2-1 equipment class with Senior Teacher  £77.00     (2 people, £38.50 per person)
Block of 10                                                    £700.00 (£350.00 per person)

2-1 equipment class with Junior Teacher      £64.60

(2 people, £32.30 per person)

Block of 10 (12-month time limit)              £588.00 (£294.00 per person)

Matwork 1-1

Matwork 1-1                              £54.00               

Block of 10 matwork 1-1s       £498.00   

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