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Bodywise Pilates privacy policy

1) We will never sell, give away or publish your personal data.

2) The data we have regarding yourself is used solely to a) keep you updated on your own class bookings and information related to these such as payments, dates etc. b) market our services to you via email or phone call

3) You have the right to view all data we have on you as long as you give us at least 7 days’ notice. For legal reasons, we keep your records for at least 7 years following the last date on which you had a class at Bodywise.

4) We use ‘Mindbody’ software for our bookings and payments. Their Privacy Policy can be viewed HERE  and the user agreement for using the Mindbody app is HERE.

5) We use Mailchimp to send out updates on our services and offerings and their Privacy Policy and Legal Terms can be viewed HERE and HERE

6) We also use Gmail (Google mail) to communicate with you via individual or group emails and their privacy policy can be looked up HERE

Bodywise Pilates LTD, company number 07388741

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