Leila Coppock

Leila originally trained as a contemporary dancer at London Contemporary Dance School (“The Place”), graduating with 1st class Honours in 1998, and after completing her MA she worked for several years as a dancer. She also retrained and worked as a massage therapist and personal trainer, as well as managing a Yoga centre in London. But it wasn't until she trained as a Pilates Foundation matwork teacher in 2005 (under the tuition of Susanne Lahusen, Hana Jones, and Sonia Noonan) that she felt she had truly found her calling.

Leila taught Pilates in numerous gyms and health clubs in London before moving to Wiltshire in 2006 and creating Bodywise Pilates. In 2008 she finally found a suitable premises in Salisbury in which to open her own Pilates studio, and in 2009 she enrolled on the Pilates equipment training course at the Scott Studio in Castle Cary, under the tuition of Suzanne Scott and Liz Ellis (the course involved over 1,000 hours of additional training). Leila has been a Teacher-Training Provider since 2014, offering an accredited Pilates Foundation Matwork Course at Bodywise (which runs every year). Since 2016 she now also delivers the Pilates equipment teacher-training course ("Bridging" course) at Bodywise, accredited by the Pilates Foundation. This course (which runs every two years) allows already-qualified teachers to develop their teaching further by using the large apparatus found in our studio upstairs.

Having practised Pilates since 1995, Leila is absolutely passionate about teaching it. She is particularly interested in teaching high-level students and Pilates teachers, as well as teaching those with injuries, disabilities, and people needing post-operative rehabilitation. Leila hopes that Pilates will have a positive impact on the lives of everyone who comes to the studio, by helping them to increase their self-awareness; to develop a healthier, happier body; and to move with strength, poise, and vitality.

Polly Matteson

Polly originally trained as a contemporary dancer at Bath Spa University, graduating with 1st class Honours in 2005, and she was first introduced to Pilates as a dance student. This had such a positive impact on her dance practice and outlook on life that she decided to train as a matwork teacher in 2008 at the Scott Studio in Castle Cary, Somerset, and she joined Bodywise Pilates in 2009. In 2010 she enrolled on the "Bridging" course at the Scott Studio, to further her training on the Pilates apparatus.

Polly was drawn to the Pilates method because of the bias towards the remedial and specialised applications of the technique. She believes that the somatic and holistic approach of mind/body integration associated with Pilates is instrumental in empowering clients to initiate change from within, through increased body awareness. As a dance and Pilates teacher Polly believes it is her responsibility to instill confidence in her clients, and to support their learning experience through clear communication and recognising the particular needs of each individual. In addition to her love of Pilates, Polly is an avid fan of the gym: nutrition, health and fitness are of paramount importance to her as a way to enhance her own quality of life.

Tina Stanton

Tina originally trained as a massage therapist and aromatherapist, working both in the UK and overseas. Throughout her career she treated many clients with physical problems such as backache and fatigue, and she developed a keen interest in human anatomy and its functionalities. Tina then developed a back problem, which made her determined to rehabiltate herself, and she decided to try Pilates. Over a period of time the problem was eradicated and Tina started noticing significant changes in her body awareness and posture, and she really appreciated the mind, body and spirit connection this type of exercise offers. Dedicated to Pilates for many years since, she eventually decided to train as a matwork teacher at The Scott Studio, in order to be able to share this positive experience with others. Tina qualified in 2009, and she now relishes the opportunity to help others, directing them towards experiencing their own personal transformations. Tina joined Bodywise in 2009 as a matwork teacher.

Sara Dennis

Sara has been teaching fitness for over 20 years. As well as being a Pilates teacher, she is also a Fitness Instructor, Sports Therapist and Personal trainer. In 2001 Sara gained her first Pilates teaching certificate with the Pilates Institute. She then helped to set up a rehabilitation centre at the Salisbury Chiropractic Clinic, helping people with neck and back issues, and soon realised that there must be much more to Pilates than she had so far learned. So in 2004 she decided to retrain with the Pilates Foundation, gaining her second matwork qualification in 2006. Her passion for helping people to feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally, then led her to enroll on the Studio Pilates (equipment) course at The Scott Studio in 2007. After an amazing 2½ years of vigorous and gruelling study she passed her exams in 2010, and since then she has been teaching on the machines that Joseph Pilates invented, both at Bodywise Pilates and at her own studio in Salisbury. Sara aims to help her clients "open up" their bodies, release tension, and realign postural imbalances. With her contagious sense of humour and easy-going manner, you will find that you leave your session feeling relaxed and with a smile on your face.

Catherine Cornelius-Reid

Catherine has held a lifelong interest in Health and Fitness, and was a County badminton player from the age of 12. This interest led her to train as a badminton coach in her spare time, enabling her to pass on her talent and enthusiasm for the sport to adults and children alike. Having taken a career break from her full time work as a charity Fundraiser to start a family, Catherine was introduced to the benefits of Pilates through the positive experiences of her parents. Following referrals from their Osteopaths, both had gained significant health benefits with Pilates. It was this experience, together with Catherine's desire to find a career which involved helping others improve their health and overall well being, which led to her enrolling on the Pilates Foundation teachers matwork course with Suzanne Scott in Somerset, qualifying in 2010. Catherine joined the Bodywise team in 2010, and she now relishes the opportunity to encourage others to enjoy the many benefits that Pilates has to offer. Catherine enrolled on the 'Bridging' course at Bodywise in 2016, to further develop her teaching using the Pilates apparatus.

Lisa Rich

Having sustained a lower back injury when she was 22, through lifting weights at her local gym, and running as a cross country runner, Lisa was advised to start doing Pilates when she attended a back care class at her local hospital. She started Pilates in 2003 and has been hooked ever since! Lisa is a keen horse rider, owning her own horse as well as riding other people's horses. She has found that Pilates has greatly improved her riding, as well as keeping her back strong and stable. Lisa previously worked as a youth worker and conservationist, and feels that Pilates enabled her to do her job much more effectively.

Having attended classes with Leila at Bodywise Pilates since 2007, Lisa undertook her Matwork teacher-training at The Scott Studio in 2010, and joined Bodywise as a teacher in 2011. In 2013 she enrolled on the Pilates Foundation "Bridging" course with Jessica Moolenaar in London, to become fully qualified to teach on the Pilates apparatus in 2014.

Ceri Mak

Ceri first experienced the benefits of Pilates in 2005 whilst working in a busy Marketing career in London. Having always been very active throughout her life, she felt Pilates had something more valuable to offer than the regular "fitness" classes - after the very first session she knew the system would have great benefits. With regular attendance at classes she experienced improved posture, flexibility, strength, awareness and mental focus. The way she felt after each session left her completely hooked and her passion for Pilates blossomed!

Ceri qualified with the Pilates Foundation as a Matwork Teacher in 2009 before continuing to train on the Pilates apparatus with Body Control Pilates. She has learnt from and continues to train with many wonderful and inspirational Pilates teachers, and she regularly attends courses in other movement-based disciplines to develop her knowledge and skills (whilst remaining dedicated to Joseph Pilates' original principles). Ceri's sessions are of an holistic yet challenging nature, where clients are encouraged to learn about their bodies, explore their movement potential and above all enjoy everything this amazing exercise system has to offer. Ceri joined Bodywise Pilates in 2014.

Louise Kenyon

Louise has been involved in sport and fitness throughout her life and has practiced Pilates for over 10 years. She was a competitive swimmer and taught swimming to all ages and abilities. After leaving her career in TV to have her three children, she decided to return to her passion for fitness and sport, teaching swimming and coaching tennis. Having felt the benefits of Pilates in improving performance, preventing injury, and for improved health and well-being, she wanted to help others to experience this and decided to enroll on the Pilates Foundation Matwork Training Course at Bodywise in 2014. Louise is committed to providing challenging and enjoyable Pilates classes for all ages and ability levels, and is fully DBS-checked. Louise joined the Bodywise team in 2015 and loves helping others to enjoy the many benefits that Pilates has to offer. She enrolled on the 'Bridging' course at Bodywise in 2016, to further develop her teaching using the Pilates apparatus..

Lou Granell

Lou's background is in the Arts and TV production, but sport and exercise have always been an important part of her life. After having her 2 children, health and fitness took more of a backseat until she found Pilates in 2011. Since then Pilates has become an integral part of her life, enabling her to develop greater body awareness, improved physical fitness and enhanced well-being. She wants to share this positive experience with everyone she teaches.

Lou believes there is a profound connection between the mind and the body. She is dedicated to exploring this connection and helping others to do the same, in order to create balance in life, leading to greater health and happiness. Lou has been a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner since 2013. In 2014, Lou enrolled on the Matwork Teacher-Training course with Leila at Bodywise Pilates, and she joined the Bodywise teaching team in 2015. In 2016, she enrolled on the 'Bridging' course at Bodywise, enabling her to deepen her knowledge and teach on the Pilates apparatus.

Dave Hopwood

Dave originally trained as a history teacher before spending 29 years as an educational and training specialist in the Army. After retiring from the Army in 2008 he graduated as a Shiatsu practitioner from the European Shiatsu School. Since then he has opened up his own practice in Salisbury.

Dave felt that the anatomy and physiology elements of his Shiatsu training were insufficient to address the musculoskeletal problems many of his clients were presenting, so he decided to enrol on the Pilates Foundation Matwork Training Course at Bodywise in 2014. His initial intention was to address the gaps in his knowledge of the body's bio-mechanics and functional movement, and to learn exercises to prescribe to clients. He quickly realised that the Pilates Foundation's holistic approach to Pilates, as practice for life movement involving body, mind and spirit, was the same as Shiatsu in terms of empowering clients to initiate change from within through increased body awareness. His classes reflect this holistic approach aiming to develop body and movement awareness in a supportive, challenging and transformative environment. He joined the Bodywise team in 2016.

Kate Mercer

Kate discovered Pilates in 2011 and immediately loved the calming effect it had on her mind. She finds that the practice helps develop both the mental determination and the physical strength and ease to meet life's many and varied challenges. Having worked as a Primary School Teacher for 13 years, Kate decided a change was in order, so in 2015 she embarked on her Pilates Foundation Matwork teacher training at Bodywise under Leila's tuition, continuing on with the studio equipment training in 2016.

Kate is fully DBS-checked and teaches Pilates to children (as well as adults!) Kate firmly believes we should all feel happy in our own skin and positive about the bodies we have. Kate's classes are both fun and functional: she encourages clients to challenge themselves and enjoy the movements, as well as helping them understand more about the mechanics of movement. Kate joined Bodywise as a teacher in 2016.

Alex Spinks

Alex Spinks has worked in a very active unit in the army since 2005, and he has a passion for undertaking extreme endurance events that deliberately push the mind and body to the brink. Prior to discovering Pilates, he always treated his body with the fixed mindset of "pain is good", rather than listening to his body and accepting his limitations. But after sustaining more and more injuries, Alex realised that there was something missing - he needed to find balance and gain a better quality of life. Alex was first introduced to Pilates during a climbing trip to the Himalayas, noticing that he couldn't even touch his shins, and he realized that something had to change: the key was to train smarter, not harder.

Alex believes that anything is achievable if you set your mind and heart on it, and the only limits are those that you set yourself. Having experienced the benefits of attending Pilates classes, he then wanted to share this with other like-minded people. Alex enrolled on the Bodywise Matwork teacher-training course in 2016, and joined the Bodywise team in 2017.