Teacher Training Programme

Do you want to train to become a Pilates Foundation Matwork Teacher?

Matwork Course Summary

The Matwork Teacher-Training Programme at Bodywise Pilates Studio leads to certification as a Pilates Foundation Matwork Teacher. It is a one-year course involving over 500 hours of study time. The course runs every Friday from 2:30 – 6pm, as well as one full weekend every 3 – 4 weeks (11 weekends in total). In addition to these taught lectures and classes (totalling 250 hours), students will also be required to log at least 250 hours of self-study and self-practice during the course, including:

  • a minimum of 50 hours of attending Pilates classes (self-practice)
  • a minimum of 50 hours of supervised teaching practice, observation, and assisting qualified teachers
  • a minimum of 150 hours of self-study (including a 10-week case study with a volunteer, homework tasks, reading and revision)

    The next course runs from 1st September 2017 to July 2018. Final exams will take place in July 2018, involving a 3-hour theory paper and a 1-hour practical exam. Applications for this course should be submitted no later than 1st July 2017 (although early application is encouraged).

    The cost of the course is £3,300 if paid in advance, or £3,630 when paid in 11 monthly instalments of £330 per month. Course fees include all lectures and classes, the Pilates Foundation Matwork Manual, and the one-day Emergency First Aid at Work course (EFAW). Course fees do not include PF membership, student insurance, examination fees, or books and other equipment.

    Students also have the option of taking the YMCA level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates. Learning is embedded within the course we offer, so any student may choose to take this qualification if they wish (it enables you to join the Register of Exercise Professionals, in order to work within the gym industry). The cost of the YMCA diploma is £150 and this is additional to the course fees.

    Matwork Course Content

  • The history and development of the Pilates method, and Pilates principles and fundamentals
  • Pilates repertory, classical and evolved (with adaptations, “pre-Pilates” repertory, and the use of small equipment)
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Pilates class planning / objectives
  • Postural / movement analysis and biomechanics
  • Teaching methodology
  • Injury / pathology, remedial applications and rehabilitation
  • Complimentary therapies, referral, and self-care as a teacher
  • Business management skills
  • One-day Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
  • Pre- and post-natal Pilates

    Pre-requisites / Matwork Course entrance requirements

    Applicants should ideally have at least one year of experience attending Pilates classes (50 hours minimum), or at least 6 months of experience with a Pilates Foundation teacher (25 hours minimum). Applicants with less experience may also be considered, based on their other experience. Applicants will be expected to submit our application form along with their CV before the deadline, and may then be invited to attend a 1-hour class and a 30-minute interview. Applicants must demonstrate a serious commitment to the course, and must be highly motivated in order to complete the necessary self-study at home, and to achieve the high standard required by the Pilates Foundation.

    For more detailed information about the course or for an application form, please contact Bodywise Pilates.

    Bridging (Apparatus) Teacher-Training

    Are you already a Matwork teacher, who now wants to become qualified to teach on the apparatus?

    Bodywise offer a “Bridging” Course, which allows already-qualified Matwork teachers to learn to teach on the apparatus (equipment). It is called Bridging because it "bridges" the gap between being a Matwork teacher and being a fully comprehensive teacher.

    Applicants should already be fully qualified Pilates Foundation Matwork teachers, ideally with at least one year of experience teaching Matwork. Applicants must also have at least 50 hours of experience on the apparatus (group classes or 1-1s, preferably some experience of both, ideally with various different teachers). Applicants who are not personally known to the Course Director will be invited to attend a verbal interview and 1-1 class, once their application form has been received. If the Course Director is not familiar with the applicant's teaching, part of the initial assessment will involve observing the applicant teach a 30-minute 1-1 class as well. All interested applicants must speak to us in advance to confirm their interest in applying for a place (there are a maximum of 8 places available). Applications may also be considered from Matwork teachers who are not Pilates Foundation members, but they will need to demonstrate a commitment to converting to a Pilates Foundation qualification by pursuing the provisional application route.

    The current course runs over 13 weekends, from October 2016 – March 2018. The cost of the course is £3,465 if paid in 11 x monthly installments, or £3150 if one payment is made in advance. We plan to start the next Bridging course in 2018 (dates TBC), depending on interest. Therefore please do register your interest with us, so that we can interview you and start the course as soon as there are enough successful applicants to run it. The course will take the same format: 13 weekends over a period of 16-18 months." PF apparatus exams take place in November & June each year, so you can take as long as you like to log all of the required hours and complete all of the necessary course work, before sitting the final exams. You must have completed 2 x 10-week Case Studies, various homework tasks, 150 hours of practical training (attending apparatus classes), and a minimum of 400 hours of observing and assisting experienced studio teachers. This course is practically-oriented.

    For more detailed information about the course, or for an application form, please contact Bodywise Pilates.